Why Do So Many Companies Trust Continental Headwear?

Did You Know?

Continental Headwear has been deemed safety and social compliant from: 


Our Focus

We focus on our customer’s over-all interest and goals instead of short-term opportunities. Our long-term view enables us to invest in our customers and products to ensure lasting relationships.

Our Experts

We have a team of merchandising experts with backgrounds much similar to our customer’s side of the industry.

Our Standards

Our main focus is giving our customers a piece of mind by ensuring the highest standards of social compliance.

Our Delivery

We are known for our timely delivery, once we commit to an order it becomes our responsibility to make sure it delivers on the date we promise.  We keep our customers updated about any delays that we may face, such as blog or email blast updates from port delays.

Our Locations

With four US offices and an overseas office, we are not lacking in the resources to give our customer’s the time they deserve from the beginning to end stages of the project.

Our Team

Our highly skilled and motivated account managers take the time to get to know prospects and to gain a greater understanding of their likes and dislikes, allowing us to service accounts quickly and accurately.

Our Commitment

We believe that giving our customers the tools that they need will help them seal the deal. We will never lock a customer into an order unless they are 100% content with the product that we provide. By offering art boards, samples and set ups at no charge is our commitment to giving you exactly what your looking for.

Our Control

Being factory owned and operated allows us to guarantee quality and consistency on all orders.

Our Insight

Our internal merchandising system keeps our account managers in constant communication with our factory overseas. Looking for an order placed 10 years ago or a sample that you forgot to order months ago? No problem. We have it all at the click of a button.


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