Top Reasons You Need Promotional Headwear for Your Next Trade Show

Top Reasons You Need Promotional Headwear for Your Next Trade Show

How much would it cost you to have someone walk around with a sign advertising your business all day? What if they did that every day for years? It would cost hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

What if you could get the same effect for under $20? And that person would volunteer to do it?

This is what promotional headwear is all about. If you don’t think it’s effective, go to a local big box store and see for yourself. First, look at the number of hats the store is selling with company logos on them, like Nike or the local baseball team. Remember, people who buy those hats are paying to advertise for that company. Now, look around and see how many people are wearing hats with logos on them. All those hats are advertising and impressions for those brands, walking right by you.

For your next trade show, you need giveaway promotional headwear to take advantage of the same advertising opportunity. Here is a list of reasons why:

  • Great recall percentage - According to studies, people remember the logo on a hat better than any billboard or newspaper ad.
  • Kept for a long time - Promotional headwear is kept an average of 7 months. Consider that this is only an average. It means while some people only kept the hat for a day or so, others kept it for years.
  • Useful - A refrigerator magnet is great advertising for a local pizza place, but if you’re not that kind of business, you have just given out something people will throw away. However, many people wear hats sometimes. This is something people will actually use.
  • High impression count - Each hat will give you thousands of impressions. How many impressions would you get with hundreds or thousands of hats?
  • Affordable - Hats aren’t expensive. They are a great value for the impact that you receive. It’s a decent-sized, highly visible marketing item at a low price.
  • More brand recognition - Consider the companies that are as famous for their hats as their products: John Deere, Monster Energy Drinks, International Harvester. Hats are a great way to build brand recognition.

There are lots of marketing outlets out there, but few are as useful and last as long as a hat. Putting hats on the table at your next trade show will give you months or years of marketing for a very low price.

If the currency of marketing and advertising is impressions, hats and caps are the gold standard.