Keeping Up With The Conversation - Headwear Terminology

Keeping Up With The Conversation - Headwear Terminology

Have you ever been caught in a conversation about headwear and just couldn’t keep up with some of the industry lingo? Sometimes people in the industry are so accustomed to these words they don’t slow down to make sure you understand everything they say.

Continental is different, we want you to know what we’re saying. That’s why we assembled a quick terminology guide for your reference.

Structured hats have a special lining in the front two panels known as a buckram lining. This provides the hat with a firm shape that keeps its form even when sitting on a table instead of a head.

Unstructured hats are made without the special buckram lining. This leaves the front of the cap soft and lacking structure.

The liner inside the front of the hat that provides the structure and form.

The pieces that are sewn together to make the complete base of the cap. Typical baseball caps come in either 5 or 6 panel depending on preference.

The profile refers to the slant of the cap.

  • Low Profile caps have the least steep slant on the front of the hat this is normally referred to a sport or golf style hat.
  • Mid Profile caps are a bit steeper in slant and is normally referred to as a baseball hat.
  • High Profile caps almost have a straight up slant and are normally referred to as a trucker cap.

Brim, Bill and Visor
All names for the front of the cap that comes out to protect your face from the sun.  It is made of plastic and is sewn in between the fabric.

Small holes that normally sit at the top of the cap. Adventurous customers also apply eyelets to the front panels or side to add some decoration to the cap without increasing its cost. Eyelets typically are embroidered but can also be done as metal.

Top Button (also known as a squatchee)
The fabric covered button on top of a baseball hat. Back in the day the top button was used to hold the cap together, today we use this primarily for decoration purposes. Top buttons can be used to decorate hats in many different ways.

  • Screen Printed Button allows you to add an image or text to a top button
  • Embossed Metal Button allows you to emboss or stamp the logo into a metal button
  • Woven Label Button has the logo woven into the fabric used to cover the top button.
  • Liquid Fusion/Metal Button changes the top button from fabric to an alloy like metal material.

A closure is located at the back of the cap and have many different options

  • Plastic Snap Closures are two plastic tabs at the back of the hat that snap together to adjust the fit of the hat.
  • Velcro closures have two pieces of fabric that has a book and loop.
  • Metal Buckle closures have a fabric strap with a standard clip buckle, where the strap slides into the grommet and snaps shut.
  • Embossed Metal Buckle closures have an image or logo etched into the metal.
  • Slide Buckle Closures are two fabric straps at the back of the hat where you feed both straps through the buckle that slides to adjust the fit of the cap.
  • EZ Fit hats are normally structured with a mid to high crown that comes in pre-determined sizes. It uses an elastic sweatband. Our fitted caps come in 3 sizes. S/M 57cm- M/L 59 cm-L/XL 61cm

These hats have a duller look and a softer feel. It’s perfect for vintage looking hats or to get a softer feel to rigid meshes.

These hats have a more vibrant color and have the natural feel of the fabric.

Enzyme Washed
These hats are washed in a special chemical mixture that gives the hat a softer feel and a bit of a worn look.

Super Washed
These hats are similar to enzyme washed caps, except it uses a chemical mixture that is stronger and washes more color out of the hat which makes the distress and colors vary.

Sandwich refers to the material, usually a different color, that is between the material that makes up the top and bottom of the bill.

  • Woven Sandwich refers to a sandwich that has text or images woven onto the fabric.
  • Double Sandwich refers to a sandwich that uses two colors, or layers of sandwiches.
  • Screen Print Sandwich is similar to a woven sandwich, expect the text or images are printed instead of woven.
  • Layered Sandwich uses piping over the top of the sandwich on the front portion of the bill.
  • Reflective Sandwich uses a reflective fabric in between the top and bottom of the bill.

The extra layer of fabric on the inside crown that touches the head. This can be self-fabric to match the cap or choose our moisture wicking material for a cooling effect.

Labels can be applied to the cap in many different ways. We can add a custom label on the inside of the cap to promote your company or woven labels as added decoration to the cap.

  • Woven label refers to a label that has the text or graphics woven into the label and is applied to the cap with stitches.
  • Screen print label refers to custom printed labels that are attached to the cap with stitches.
  • Dye Cut Woven label refers to multi colored woven labels that are cut to a custom shape.
  • Tab Label refers to labels that are folded and inserted into the seam of the cap, often used as added decoration.
  • Metal Embossed Plates are made by using a stamp to emboss the logo onto the metal and then attached to the cap with either rivets or sonic welding. Standard Metal Colors: Silver, Gold, Pewter

The thinly rolled fabric that can be inserted into the seams of the cap or on the bill.

  • Double Piping refers to two rows of piping, typically done over the back opening.

The cloth fabric on the inside of the crown that holds the panels together.

  • Woven Taping allows you to customize the taping with text or graphics woven into the fabric.
  • Screen Print Taping allows you to customize the taping with text or graphics printed on the fabric.

A separate piece of fabric that is cut and held down with embroidery, heat seal, rivets, etc. Appliques can be either woven or embroidered.

A French word for “fuzzy caterpillar”, which is perfect to describe this type of embroidery. This is typically seen as the emblems or letters on letterman’s jackets.

Cut and Sew
A technique that uses two pieces of fabric that are joined together without layering the fabric.

Digital Impression (Sublimation Print)
A digital printing process that works best on certain synthetic fabrics. It allows the use of multiple colors and can create very fine detail, however it cannot accurately replicate PMS colors, since the ink bleeds into the fabric differently.

3D Embroidered Logo
Foam underneath the embroidery to produce a 3 dimensional shape.

Reverse 3D Embroidered Logo
Embroidered in 3D and then the fabric is laser cut and sewn on top to cover the embroidery.

Liquid Metal Logo
First created in a mold and then sonically welded to the fabric. This is perfect if your looking for a metal look, but keep in mind it must have a 1/8 inch space around the design.

Liquid Fusion Logo
Similar to liquid metal, but works best for colored logos. The logos are first created in a mold and sonic welded to the fabric. 

Rubber Injection logo
First molded and then injected to the fabric of the hat. This can also be done as a patch that can be sewn down with a running stitch.

Heat Press
The embossing of a logo onto a fabric. This works best with certain fabrics. The logo is first molded into a type of heated stamp and then pressed into the material.

Screen Print
This technique forces ink onto the fabric through a prepared screen of fine material so it creates a picture or patter.

Laser Etched
A technique that uses a laser to engrave the logo onto the fabric. This works best with certain fabrics. It is perfect to get fine detail.

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