Are you getting ready for your next trade show? Here are some tips from our experts.

Are you getting ready for your next trade show? Here are some tips from our experts.

Trade shows are an incredible occasion to showcase your business, products, and services. However, if you don’t show up prepared, a fantastic opportunity could turn into a missed chance, or worse, into a catastrophic publicity nightmare for your brand! Keep reading to learn about the hottest trade show tips from industry experts:

Plan your strategy early

Don’t leave anything to chance. Plan every aspect of your trade show experience - from the look of your booth to the interaction with customers.

Align your giveaways with your audience

If you are planning on giving out free merchandise or other items, make sure that what you offer aligns with the audience. You wouldn't want to bore people with gifts that don’t speak to their demographics!

Showcase your brand, and make sure to enhance visual interest

Your booth should be a great showcase for your brand. While you should respect your company’s visual identity, you can also add some color, decor items, and LCD displays with motion graphics to entice visitors to stop by and see what you have to offer.

Show up early, stay until late.

When you get to the trade show as early as possible and leave as late as possible, you might find yourself in the company of like-minded individual, who are keen to work hard and make connections with the best in the business!

Have dedicated hosts at your booth

Dedicated hosts can do wonders for your trade show booths: For starters, they can greet people properly, showcasing great customer service attributes. Last but not least, they can demonstrate products, explain services and even answer questions, allowing you to build a stronger relationship with every potential lead.

Offer refreshments

People love to sit back for a little while and enjoy a drink and a few snacks at a trade show booth. For every person who just wants to grab a freebie, there will be another who is genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Refreshments are a great way to make people hang out longer!

Have product promotions and exclusive offers

People visiting trade shows might be looking for special offers and unique promotional deals on what you just showed them. Be prepared and offer it on the spot!

Have a prize drawing to collect customer information.

Contests, giveaways, and prizes are great opportunities to get people excited about your brand. They will also enable you to collect customer information, such as email addresses when they sign up to enter the prize drawing!

Follow up!

It is vital to follow up with every interaction to build strong relationships with customers and collaborators alike. Always make sure to get connected on social media after the show!