A National Holiday or a Cultural Holiday? A Great Time to Promote Your Business

A National Holiday or a Cultural Holiday? A Great Time to Promote Your Business

Whether it’s a sunny Fourth of July or a cold winter X-Games tournament, you can promote your business with customized headgear. Below are some ideas to get you started using promotional headwear for special occasions.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Pink is all the rage during Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can make a great impression by providing free caps and hats to marathoners, deliver headwear to a hospital, or include it in your donations to a breast cancer charity. These items are popular with both men and women and they can be an excellent way to promote your business, particularly to an over-35 demographic.

Fourth of July - Show your patriotism and promote your business with a visor or a cap that folks can wear around the barbecue. On sunny days, a cap with a visor is one of the best ways to stay cool. People will love to wear caps and visors with your company’s cool design. It’s free advertising for your business while you are roasting hot dogs and playing catch with the family.

Winter sports - There are thousands of contests and events all over the country that take place in the winter. A knit cap with your logo sewn on it will be a huge hit. It seems like three quarters of the attendees at these events underestimate how cold they will be. You can help them with that simply by providing a hat that can keep their head warm (while promoting your business).

Let’s look at how your promotional headwear will increase your marketing reach:

1 - The recipient will love that your company gave them something truly useful and may be a fan of the company as well.

2 - There are the people that they meet when they are wearing it, both at that initial event and later on, who will ask, “Where’d you get that? It’s cool.” Their answer would be immediate promotion for your company.

3 - If you give away hats at concerts and other events, your logo will end up in thousands of social media photos. Imagine how much it would cost to put 100 pictures in front of 10,000 people. You can do that for the cost of just the headgear.

4 - Weeks, months, or years of free advertising are yours. A good quality cap or visor will last for years. Once someone has it in their closet, they will put it on to go out. When they do, you will be getting advertising, probably in places you’ve never even heard of.

Customized promotional headwear, including baseball caps and visors, are among the easiest ways to make tens of thousands of impressions for very little expense. Make sure that your designer is an expert with these products and you might even find people seeking you out, just for the opportunity to advertise for you for free.