6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Designing My First Cap

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Designing My First Cap

This month we got a chance to catch up with our expert design team for some guidance they wish they had before designing their first cap. We also discussed the most common challenges and misconceptions that occur during the design process. How many of these tips will help you with your next headwear project?

Less is More

You don’t ever want to underestimate the importance of your logo. Do not get too “loud” with your designs or you will distract onlookers from recognizing the most important part – your logo. Stay consistent with your color scheme and let your logo do the talking!

Process Possibilities

Not all processes will work or look good with every logo design. For example, Reversed 3D would not work well with a thin logo design but would look great with a thicker logo.

Style Selection

Creating a great design is only as great as the style it is applied to. Make sure you select a style that works well with your desired design and target market.

Come Prepared

When you’re ready to build you custom design, you should have your logo in vector format (AI, EPS, PDF) with the appropriate PMS colors. Your logo should be outlined and any related fonts should be provided as well. This will ensure the best possible outcome and reflect your logo the most accurately.

Brand Guidelines

Does your company have guidelines for the use of your logo? If you’re not sure, ask! You need to provide this first to avoid any surprises later!


When you’re browsing other headwear designs, keep in mind that designs and styles work differently with unique logos. Do not always expect a design that worked for another company to necessarily work for yours.